About Me

I am 20 something and pursuing a career in writing. I have a B.A. in Political Science, Sociology and Pre Law from Cabrini College.  From there, I completed, one (very unhappy) year of law school, where all creativity was stifled, only to realize my true passion...writing. I left the law and completed a M.A. in Writing Studies at Saint Joseph's University. I created this blog, which is unconventional (even for the blogging world) because posts are published weekly rather than daily and are much longer than average. I, however, like to think are well worth the wait.  

I didn’t completely escape all things legal, I now work full time for a National Legal News Wire/Online Magazine based in California called Courthouse News. I love writing so much, that I also teach English and Writing, as an Adjunct Professor at Neumann University and Delaware County Community College.

I am an active freelance writer as well. My works have been published in  Philadelphia magazine, The Lunch Break, The Avenue Literary Magazine, The Delaware County Daily Times Newspaper, Delaware Today Magazine, The Garnet Valley Press, The Delaware News Journal, Saint Joseph’s University Athletic Media Guides, Gimme This & That Magazine and Examiner.com.

My dream is to turn this blog into a book. I already have a working manuscript, so if you know any publishers, or you are a publisher, contact me at Lana.Morelli@gmail.com. Oh, and be sure to "like" me on facebook